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Operation Briefing

Classification: CONFIDENTIAL


Operation Code Name: BPA CONFIDENTIAL

Blofield's Letter


The BPA trophy has been stolen by the notorious criminial ERNST STAVRO BLOFIELD, head of SPEKTOR. All operatives will therefore be redeployed to recover the trophy.

BLOFIELD has has devised a set of challenges that we must complete on 20th February (see attached threatening letter).

Operation Details

  • Operatives will work in teams to complete BLOFIELD's challenges and recover the trophy
  • BPA CONFIDENTIAL will be conducted online and each operative will require a computer to participate (tablets and phones are not suitable)
  • Challenges will begin around 18:00 on 20th February and finish by midnight (final timings will be advised before the event)
  • A list of required equipment will be issued to teams prior to the event
  • Teams must register by 18th February in order to participate


ESLs should register on behalf of teams and only one registration is required for each team. There is no restriction on the number of operatives in a team however between four and ten is advisable.

BPA CONFIDENTIAL will be conducted in accordance with current Scout Association safeguarding guidelines. We are currently working to understand the full measures required and will provide further information before the event.


Further Information

All of the intelligence we have on BLOFIELD and SPEKTOR is included below this message.

SECRET SERVICE AGENTS have already been deployed into the field and are working to gain more information. These agents will be available on 20th February to assist teams during the challenges. Their personnel files will be included below.

Further information may be obtained by emailing questions to


SPEKTOR Intelligence File
Blofield's Intelligence File